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Year of foundation: 2002

Subject area:problems of the theory of modern textbooks creating, peculiarities of textbooks creating in different branches of school subjects

ISSN: 2411-1309


Certificate of State Registration:Series KV No. 20775-10575 PR of 13.06. 2014

Specialized registration in the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine:Confirmed by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine of 17.01.2014 No. 41 (with changes of 29.09.14 No. 1081)

Specialty of the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine:pedagogy

Frequency:twice a year

Languages of the publication:Uukrainian, Russian, English


Topuzov O.M.,corresponding member of the NAES of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Deputies of Editor-in-Chief:

Holovko M. V.,a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, an Associate Professor, a senior researcher

Zasyekina T. M.,a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, a senior researcher

Editor in-charge:

Horash K.,a Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, a senior researcher

Secretary in-charge:

Ladonia K.

Editorial board:

O.Topuzov,Corresponding member of the NAES of Ukraine,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor (chief editor);M.Holovko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor (deputy chief editor);T.Zasyekina,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher (deputy chief editor);Akiri Ion,Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Moldova),N.Bibik,a full member of the NAES of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;M.Burda,a full member of the NAES of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;H.Vaskivska,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher;L.Velychko,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;N.Holub,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;K.Horash,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences,senior researcher(editor in-charge);N.Dichek,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;I.Dobroskok,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;I.Ilchuk(translator);H.Imashev,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Atyraun State University (Kazakhstan Republic);L.Kalinina,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;V.Kizenko,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher;L.Kurach,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher;K.Ladonia(secretary-in-charge);V.Lapinskyi,Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor;L.Loza(technicaleditor);O.Lokshyna,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher,L.Kalinina,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;Yu.Mal'ovany,corresponding member of the NAES of Ukraine, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher;V.Meleshko,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;O.Nadtoka,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher;M.Piddyachyi,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences;O.Pometun,a corresponding member of the NAES of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;D.Puzikov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;V.Red’ko,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor;O.Savchenko,full member of the NAES of Ukraine, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor;L. S. Smolinchuk,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior researcher;A.Tsymbalaru,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences;D.Yarosh(copy editor).

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