The Formation of the Key and the Subject Competences of the Primary School Pupils in the Educational Process and the implementation of its results in the school practice

The academic staff of the Laboratory of Primary Education has been cooperating with the educational institutions of the Kyevo-Svyatoshyns’kyi district in Kyiv region, the comprehensive schools 3 and 4 in Boyarka, the comprehensive school 1 since 2010.

The purpose of the cooperation is the following:

- the experimental check of the effectiveness of the methodology of formation the junior pupils key competence of “the ability to study” and the subject competences: lingual, speech, social and cultural, reading, mathematical, social, keeping fit, natural study ones;

- the scientific accomplishment of the implementation of the Laboratory research results;

- the approbation of the textbooks, the educational and the methodical handbooks for the primary school which were developed in the Laboratory;

- the provision of the scientific and methodical help for teachers of primary grades in the experimental schools.

During the experimental work, the scientists investigated the level of pupils knowledge which they got in the process of usage of the current educational methodology, prepared teachers for the realization of the experimental materials which covered the formation of the key and the subject competences in the process of teaching the Ukrainian Language, Reading, Mathematics as well as such subjects as Ukraine and Me and The Fundamentals of Healthcare. During the experiment carrying out, the staff provided its scientific-methodological accomplishment; they visited lessons and observed the pupils studying activities there. They organized the orientation and consultant discussions with the teachers-experimentalists; they attracted the teachers attention to the peculiarities of the new content realization, the selection of the organizational forms, the methods and the means of teaching on the basis of the competence approach; the researchers helped to project and to analyze the lessons, tested them in order to find the effectiveness of the suggested methodology.

Our experimental schools became the basis for the organization of the scientific and the methodological events by the Laboratory staff in the district and in the region; they included the series of the scientific-practical seminars The Key and the Subject Competences: Their Structure and Content and The Formation of the Subject Competences of the Junior Schoolchildren in the Process of Studying, round-table discussions dedicated to the separate issues of the theory and the practice of the competence approach realization, the meetings of the creative groups of the teachers-experimentalists where they developed the didactic materials of the lessons of the Ukrainian language, Reading, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Healthcare, and Ukraine and Me course.

The meetings with the scientists were especially valuable and beneficial for our teachers during the events organized in the Institute of Pedagogy. We are the permanent participants of the annual report conference The Content and the Technologies of the School Studying and the conference The Problems of a Contemporary Textbook. The Laboratory staff involves us in the seminars organization in other institutions, for example, we took part in the scientific-informational seminar The Ability to Study as a Key Competence of a Junior Pupil which was held in the Scandinavian gymnasium in Kyiv, in the scientific-methodological seminar The Realization of the Competence Approach in the New Normative Document for the Primary School on the basis of the school 2 in Brovary.

Often, the teachers of our region use the scientific works of the Laboratory which include Didactics by Oleksandra Yakivna Savchenko, the collective handbooks The Control and the Monitoring of the Pupils Educational Achievements on the Basis of a Competence Approach, digests The Formation of the Key and the Subject Competences of Junior Schoolchildren. Our pupils became the first users of the new textbooks and handbooks of the Ukrainian Language, Reading, and Mathematics which were created by the Laboratory staff. The business meetings with the scientists help us to analyze the scientific and the methodical literature which is provided for the schools professionally.

It is also pleasant to inform that the teachers of our experimental schools were the experts of the State standard of the Primary comprehensive education and the educational programs of the Ukrainian Language, the Literary Reading, Mathematics, and the Fundamentals of Healthcare; this year, we became the members of the creative groups which work on the development of the advisory requirements for the monitoring of the pupils studying achievements in the system of the comprehensive secondary education.

Nowadays, we continue to cooperate with the Laboratory of Primary Education, and we hope that it will be beneficial for both the pedagogical science and practice in future.

Petrovska Inna Vitaliivna,

the chief of the methodical association of the teachers of the primary grades

of the comprehensive school of the I-III degrees 1 in Bilohorod

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