International cooperation in 2013

In correspondence with the working plan in 2013, the international cooperation of the Institute of Pedagogy of the NAES of Ukraine was aimed at the researches on the foreign experience as well as the improvement of pedagogical practice in Ukraine in the form of the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, other governmental structures; the intensification of the links with the international professional community; the organization of the events with the international participation of Ukraine; the representation of the research results at the international events abroad, the participation of the Institute staff in the international projects.

The Laboratory of Contrastive Pedagogy is one of the leading subsections of the Institute that is oriented at the studies as well as the usage of the foreign experience in Ukraine. It conducted a study of the education policy of EU and the U.S.A. in the sphere of the provision of the secondary education quality that is one of the tasks of the fundamental scientific-research work for 2012-2014 “The contrastive analysis of the provision of the comprehensive secondary education quality in the U.S.A. and the leading countries of EU”. The research is aimed at the study and the generalization of the theoretical ideas and the practical experience in the education quality provision as well as the specification of the perspective models for Ukraine. Ph.D. and Doctorate students approbated the research results in Australia, Great Britain, and Czech Republic.

The Laboratory of Social Studies, one of the most productive subsections of the Institute, conducts the analysis, systemizes and develops the updated content of the social studies subjects at the secondary school. That is the reason why, its subject is the study of the other states experience taking into consideration its achievements as well as mistakes.

In 2013, in common, the researchers of the Institute held 7 international events in cooperation with foreign partners; they included IV international forum Personality in the integrated educational space (Zaporizhzhya); international forum Harmony of Intellect and Health of Pupils (Kyiv), VI scientific and practical conference and XX all-Ukrainian pedagogical readings Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi in the dialogue with modernity: modern personality’s development (Kirovohrad – Pavlysh); international scientific internet-conference Chemical science and education: the perspectives of development (Poltava).

In the current year, the researchers of the Institute took part in 99 international scientific and practical events at different levels which included XVI international presentation of educational institutions Modern education in Ukraine 2013 (Kyiv), IV international presentation Modern educational institutions 2013 (Kyiv); international symposium International symposium on Comparative Sciences (Sofia, Bulgaria); international congress Ethnical design: European vector of the development andnational context (Poltava), international scientific and practical conference Literature for Children and Teenagers in the cultural and educational space: tendencies, challenges, perspectives (Rivne); international scientific conference The Russian language in the polycultural world (Yalta); international conference nglish for primary school (Tashkent, Uzbekystan); IV international scientific and methodological conference EA-2013 Educational measures 2013: External Independent Assessment as an instrument of the provision of the equal access to the higher education and the education quality assessment (the village of Tatatriv of the Yaremcha city council of the Ivano-Frankivsk region); international scientific and practical conference The informational technologies in the education of the XXI century (Moscow, Russian Federation).

During these events there was the experience exchange between the representatives of the Ukrainian nad the foreign academic community; in particularly, the ideas on the mechanisms of the provision of the education quality, the methodology of conducting the studies in contrastuive pedagogy, the informational technologies in education were represented.

The participants from Russia, Belorussia, roatia, the U.S>A> took part in the international conference in Ukraine.

During the cooperation between the Institute of Pedagogy of the NAES of Ukraine and K.D. Ushynskyi State Pedagogical University in Yaroslavl as well as the Laboratory of Rural School of the Institute of Pedagogy of the NAES of Ukraine and the department of pedagogical technologies of K.D. Ushynskyi State Pedagogical University in Yaroslavl (the agreement on cooperation for 2012-2015), the chief of the laboratory of rural school (Meleshko V. V.) took part in the international scientific and practical conference Upbringing the democratic culture of the academic process participants (Yaroslavl) that was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Department of Education of Yaroslavl region, K.D. Ushynskyi State Pedagogical University in Yaroslavl, the Institute odf Education Development in Yaroslavl region.

During the event there was the exchange of the experience in the sphere of the formation of the range of the comprehensive secondary institutions, the practice of the educational districts functioning. The results of the conference were published in the collection of materials (Upbrining the democratic culture of the participants of the academic process : a collection of the materials of the scientific and practical conference (21-22 November, 2013 / [edited by T. A. Stepanova, L. V. Bayborodova, M. V. Hruzdyev]. Yaroslavl: the publication house of K.D. Ushynskyi State Pedagogical University in Yaroslavl, 2013. 427 p.).

The Institute of Pedagogy of the NAES of Ukraine mutually with the civil organization Teachers for democracy and partnership (TDP) (Ukraine) and Global working plan (GWP) (Sweden) work on the educational project Education for the stable development in action at support of the fund of the Swedish government SIDA. In March, 2013, the work on the second stage of the project started; the project is going to be worked on during three years. The project is aimed for the involvement of Ukrainian pupils and teachers in the education for the stable development, the formation of their skills to conform their life and the life of their family as well as the local community taking into account the necessity of the stable development, comprehension of the international experience in this branch. For the purpose of the development of the cooperation with the state education bodies, the Institute of Pedagogy prepared and held the informational and representative meeting in which the chiefs of the regional education departments, the rectors of the regional institutions of the post-graduate pedagogical education, the representatives of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources took part. 29 representatives of the state educational bodies and scientific institutions were the participants of the meeting. They got acquainted with the results achieved at the first stage of the project, the conclusions of the research in the influence of the school course of education for the stable development on the change of behaviour of the pupils, their parents and teachers, received the information on the main branches of the project work in 2013-2015.

For future, the Institute of Pedagogy considers the signing of the agreements on the scientific institutions of foreign countries as an important task.

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