Main research results in 2013

In2013, in the Institute of Pedagogy, 2 researches were conducted.

BRANCH 23. Theory and methodology of school teaching

The topic of the scientific-research work“Formation of the Key and the Subject Competences of the Junior Schoolchildren in the Educational Process”

A fundamental research

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The studied problem:

The theory and the methodology of the formation of the key and the subject competences of the junior schoolchildren in the educational process

Research advisor:

Onoprienko O. V.,

A Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, a senior researcher

The topic of the scientific-research workThe Linguistic and Didactic Fundamentals of Teaching Foreign Languages for the High School Students

An applied research

Work schedules


The studied problem:

The methodology of teaching the subjects which belong to different educational branches under the conditions of the field-specified studying

Research advisor:

Red’ko V. H.,

A Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, an Associate Professor

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