Institute Today

The Institute of Pedagogy of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine is one of the leading scientific and research institutions that performs the social order in providing scientific and methodical basis for the development of modern pedagogical science, carrying out extensive research on the implementation of the latest educational technologies. The Institute scientific research is aimed at building both the competitive school education system in Ukraine and the methodological and didactics provision for its development and functioning.

The main areas of the Institute’s research are the development of methodological principles of content of education; theory and practice of education and upbringing process; theory and methodology of teaching and learning; quality of education; management of education development.

The scientific structure of the Institute is formed by the 22 laboratories: History of Pedagogy; Comparative Pedagogy; Didactics: Primary Education; Rural School; Ukrainian Language Teaching; Ukrainian Language and Literature at Schools of National Minorities of Ukraine and Diasporas Teaching; Russian Language and Languages of Other Ethnic Minorities Teaching; Literary Education; Foreign Languages Teaching; Social Science Education; Geographical and Economic Education; Chemical and Biological Education; Mathematical and Physical Education; Informatics Teaching; Integration of the Content of Education; Labour Training and Polytechnic Work; Educational Establishments Management; Pedagogical Innovations; School Equipment; Profile Studies and Vocational Consultation; Education Quality Assessment.

The major achievements of the Institute’s laboratories are the new generation textbooks, monographs, educational and methodical series in certain subjects (Ukrainian language, Ukrainian and Foreign literature, Foreign language, Geography, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, History) as well as electronic educational means and complexes. All these make up over 650 publications annually.

The experimental basis for the scientific research are general educational institutions of different types of municipal and rural locality, higher educational establishments, institutes of in-service teacher training. Postgraduate and Doctoral studies courses, 5 specialized academic councils in thesis defense for obtaining Doctoral (Doctor Hab.) and Candidate of Science (PhD) Degrees in Pedagogy function at the Institute.

The Institute is a founder of 3 and co-founder of 6 scientific and methodical journals ratified by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine as the scientific professional editions.

Analysis, prognosis, monitoring, pioneer character of the research targeting, responsibility for the quality of the accomplished work are the key positions to guide scholars of the Institute.

The Institute has 299 scholars on staff, among them 7 Full Members of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, 2 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, 2 Honoured Academicians, 38 Doctors Habilitated and 107 scholars with PhD degree.