Comparative Pedagogy Department


Nowadays, the Department of Comparative Education (CE) is a leading school of comparativistics, on the basis of which the research of a wide range of issues of education abroad is conducted. The researchers of the CE Department study the methodological aspects CE studies, development of the pedagogical theory and practice in the countries and regions of the world with the purpose of working out the recommendations for the national education. In the recent years, the scientific research area comprises reforms and innovations in the foreign school, approaches to the education content selection and structuring, assessment of the pupils’ educational achievements, education quality monitoring, and pupils world outlook forming.

In 2015-2017 the CE Department develops the Scientific Research “Transformational processes in school education in the countries of the EU and in the USA”

The staff of the Department of Comparative Pedagogy is the following:

Lokshyna Olena Ihorivna,Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department;

Dzhurylo Alina Petrivna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior research scholar;

Mariuts Ilona Oleksandrivna,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior research scholar;

Shparyk Oksana Mykhailivna,Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior research scholar;

Tymenko Maria Mykolaivna,research scholar;

Hlushko Oksana Zinoviivna, junior scholar;

Melnyk Iryna Hryhorivna,senior assistant.

In different years such scholars as N. V.Abashkina, B. F.Melnychenko. L.L.Volynets, H.S.Ehorov, H.V.Stepenko, L.V.Bulay, I.G.Taranenko, E.P.Berezhna, N.M. Lavrychenko, O.S.Orzehovska, O.O.Pershukova, N.V.Sheverun, M.U.Krasovitskiy used to work in the Department.

As an independent scientific subsection, the Department of CE started its work in 1971 when a creative team consisted of N.V.Abashkina, L.V.Bulay and H.S.Yehorov was founded in the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Pedagogy. In 1972, a newly created structure was named the Department of Scientific and Pedagogic Information under the direction of B.F.Melnychenko. Later, H.V.Stepenko, T.I.Todorov, E.P.Berezhna, I.H.Taranenko joined the Department. The information direction of the Department activity foresaw the analysis of education and pedagogical ideas of foreign countries aimed at informing the Institute scholars. The Foreign Pedagogical Chronicle review was published twice a year.

Under the conditions of the independence of Ukraine and the disappearance of the Iron Curtain, there was an urgent need in the study of the foreign pedagogical theory and practice without a prejudicial criticism in order to reorganize the national education system. Being aligned with the times, in 1992, under the management of I.H. Taranenko, the Department gained its contemporary name: The Department of Comparative Education. O.I.Lokshyna, O.V. Ovcharuk, N.M. Lavrychenko, R.M. Roman who joined the Laboratory, and a hard work on the processing of the methodological basis of CE started. Later, in the tough times of 90-s, the development of methodology was continued by G.S. Yehorov who had been chairing the Department from 1996 till 2005. In this period, O.O. Pershukova and L.L. Volynets became the employees of the Department. The CE Department team members remember M.Yu.Krasovytskyi, a Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor as an extraordinary personality, a talented scholar, and a good soul.

In the beginning of the 21-st century, under new opportunities, namely, the access to the world source database and the participation in foreign public events the development of the Department continues under the heading of N. M. Lavrychenko. The enlargement of the research space is provided by the intensification of the dissertation research as well the publication of the research works. In 2009, in cooperation with P. Tychyna UmanState Pedagogical University, a specialized Comparative Pedagogical Studies magazine is published once a quarter.

The stage of modern development of the Department, headed by O.I.Lokshyna (since 2009), is characterized by the diversity of the subsection activities areas. The further development of the methodological basis of CE in Ukraine continues. A work on the development of the national comparatists community is being held. Since 2010 the annual academic and research workshop Comparative Education in Kyiv has been organized.

Since January 2015 within the changes in the structure of Institute of Pedagogy NAES of Ukraine, the name Laboratory of Comparative Education has been changed into Department of Comparative Education.