Public academic and research events in 2012

In 2012, the Institute of Pedagogy of the NaPS of Ukraine was the organizer and the co-organizer of 103 academic and research events at different levels.

The subject for the discussion at these events became the issues of the innovative development of the comprehensive educational institutions, the pre-profile and the profile education, creating textbooks on the languages and the literatures of the ethnical minorities, the education quality assessment on the basis of the competence approach, the methodological fundamentals of the usage of the informational communicative technologies in the educational process, the scientific and methodological provision for teaching Geography, the Ukrainian and the Foreign Languages. Among them there was the report research and training conference that covered the research results of the staff, Ph.D. students, aspirants of the Institute of Pedagogy of the NAPS of Ukraine during which 8 sections were working; more than 200 scientists, Doctorate students, Ph.D. students, aspirants, teachers of experimental schools took part in it.

The scientists of the Institute took an active part in the public events that were organized by other institutions at different levels. They are the international, the all-Ukrainian conferences, forums, symposiums, pedagogical readings, seminars, round-table discussions, exhibitions.

The general quantity of the events in which the Institute staff took part is 360. Almost 47% include the conferences – 169. Almost 19% were academic seminars (68). All other events were round-table discussions (32), exhibitions (11), synods, congresses (9), symposiums, forums (7), pedagogical readings (7_, other kinds of events (57), (see pic. 1).

In 2012, in correspondence with the working plan of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the researchers of the Institute of Pedagogy hold 6 events.

The annual conference “Problems of a Modern Textbook” (27-29 November, 2012, Kyiv) was effective and informative. It covered the issues of the implementation of the content of the State standard of the primary comprehensive education in textbooks provision, the issues of the history and the theory of the modern process of creating textbooks, following the competence-based approach in creating a handbook, the methodologies of the work on a textbook and a manual in the comprehensive educational institution, the peculiarities of creating textbooks as well as the methodology of their usage in adult teaching, the problems of the usage of the multimedia educational means.

During the V International and XIX all-Ukrainian pedagogical readings V. Sukhomlynskyi in the Dialogue with Modernity: Health by Means of Education and Modernity. Health and Education: Challenges and Threats (11-12 October, 2012, Donetsk), the problems connected to the actualization of the pedagogical inheritance of V. O. Sukhomlyns’kyi, an outstanding pedagogue, were covered in the aspect of the search for the effective ways of the formation of the pupils creative skills under the conditions of the educational transformations.

At the All-Ukrainian pedagogical readings, dedicated to Mykhailo Vasylyovych Bohdanovych, an outstanding scientist and pedagogue (26 March, 2012, Kyiv), the following issues were discussed: M. V. Bohdanovych as a colleague, preceptor, friend; the development of the academic ideas of M. V. Bohdanovych in the theory and practice of primary education.

The XII All- Ukrainian historical and pedagogical scientific training conference Ukrainian pedagogy of 1920-s: modern assessment and challenges (1-2 November, 2012, Uman) was quite effective; in its organization, the researchers, the Doctorate students as well as the Ph.D. students of the Laboratory of History of Pedagogy took part. At this conference, the issues of updating the approaches and the methods of the reflex ion of the development of the homeland historical and pedagogical process of the Soviet era were discussed from the theoretical and methodological points of view, and the peculiarities of the education processes modernization in the abovementioned period were defined.

In correspondence with the working plan of the NAPS of Ukraine, a round-table discussion dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Institute of Pedagogy of the NAPS of Ukraine (30 May, 2012, Kyiv) was successfully hold. During the round-table discussions hold by the staff of the Laboratory of History of Pedagogy, a resolution on the petition for the Presidium of the NAPS of Ukraine to create a staff indended at writing monographs that would cover the history of the NAPS of Ukraine, to organize a series of public events which would coincide with the lay-outs of the scientists and the staff of the NAPS of Ukraine during the whole history of their work.

During the scientific practical seminar The formation of the educative environment of the comprehensive educational institution (01 November, 2012, Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region), the issues of the implementation of profile education in the comprehensive secondary education, the formation of the education environment of a comprehensive educational institution, improvement of the professional-orientation work, the education of the pedagogical staff of the profession-oriented comprehensive secondary institutions.

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